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Church Administration Resources is a ministry that developed at the dawn of the IRS attention to churches and clergy in 1985. The main thrust of the ministry was to bring information to the church and clergy community so that it would not perish due to a lack of knowledge.

Mrs. Kennedy-Jacobs target audience is African-American churches and clergy with an emphasis on the "business" side of church administration. i.e. Organizational structure such as articles of incorporation, bylaws, 501 c 3's, payroll compliance, pastoral compensation packages, seminars, etc.

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Updating Your Church Bylaws & Legal Documents Regarding Same Sex Activities
BY Staff

The most important document in your church today besides the bible is your church bylaws.

In fact, your church bylaws legally protect  your privilege to serve God according to your tenants of faith. Now that same sex laws are the law of the land which includes the privilege to marry, it is critical that every church that does not intent to perform same sex marriages; baby blessings of same sex couples, and other same sex activities, clearly stipulate its position in the church bylaws and other church literature such as brochures, website, etc.

Editor’s Note: This statement is not intended to suggest exclusion from church membership. To purchase a complete kit to update your church documents, visit our Church Administration Store. The kit includes (10) brochures to hand out when a person inquires about services; a prepared amendment to your church articles of incorporation; prepared amendment to church bylaws and a church resolution to implement the foregoing. “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Ben Franklin”

New Medicare Cards
BY Staff

New Medicare Cards Are Being Issued: Medicare.Gov, The official U.S. Government site for Medicare Announces that new Medicare Cards are being automatically issued to all Medicare recipients. The new cards will bear a new Medicare Number that is unique to each individual just like your social security number. This new card does not have to be applied for. It will be sent in the mail. Please advise your church members, family and friends to look for this new card in the mail and not to discard it.  Church members should be advised not to answer any telephone calls regarding this new number but to call 1-800-MEDICARE (1-800-633-4227) or visit the official Medicare website Medicare.gov for more information & confirmation. Churches may order this announcement as a church bulletin insert to inform its members. Visit our Church Administration Store. (50 inserts for $15)

Planning Clergy Retirement Housing Allowances
BY Staff

Too many clergy are considering retirement without the provision of a formal or informal retirement plan. This situation is due to many reasons such as lack of church funds; lack of knowledge and some just didn’t get around to it. The intention was there but the years keep rolling around and it just wasn’t addressed. Sometimes unexpected illness makes the discussion immediate, but is often too late for a conventional plan such as the provision of a 403(b). Even if you have a 403(b) in place, does it have a retirement housing feature which can significantly mitigate the tax impact? All is not loss. There are several options available for this great benefit and they all can result is a tremendous tax savings and blessing. One option is a retirement housing allowance.