National Association of African American Church Trustees (NAAACT)

Our Purpose: To provide timely and relative compliance information to those who serve churches. Unfortunately, the government expects church trustees to be aware of the rules and regulations that pertain to churches when in fact there is no automatic way for them to stay abreast of this information. Trustees have to first be aware that the information exist and then have access to this information. Then they need a forum for clarity and relevance. NAAACT will provide that forum via conferences, newsletters, resources, services etc.

A most recent requirement of church trustees (church officers) is to register as a responsible party with the IRS via IRS Form 8822-b. Most churches were not aware of this requirement. Church officers are busy taking care of their church responsibilities (most of them in their spare time around work and family) and do not have the time the knowledge or the inclination to “check the IRS website to see if there is anything new.

The NAAACT will be a constant source of information on at least some of the compliance matter for which they are held responsible, such as:

NAAACT will provide connections to third party church related services and resources in some of the following areas:

This information may be disseminated via e-mail, newsletters, vendors, fellow members, and direct links to those who serve churches such as federal and state agencies, related organizations, and other church related services.